Department of Gujarati

Department of Gujarati

About Department of Gujarati :

It is my immense pleasure & privilege to serve the Gujarati Department as Shri Govind Guru University, Godhra The Department of Gujarati Esatblised Since 2020  is well-furnished and well-equipped newly established. Department work done as a Research at Ph.D. levels include Inter-disciplinary Studies, Modern and Post-Modern Literature, Feminism, Partition Literature, Literary Journalism, Comparative Literature, Post-Colonial Literature, Tribal Literature, Minority and Dalit Literature and Linguistics, etc. The department has so far produced ------- Ph.D. students. The Department regularly organizes seminars and workshops on the thrust areas of contemporary interest. The students are motivated to participate actively in self-skilled and self-learning innovative activities through exclusive seminars, Audio-Visual presentation of Literary discourses etc. The Department has established an excellent linkage with different Literary organizations and associations related to Gujarati Language and Literature such as Gujarat Sahitya Akademi, Kendriya Sahitya Akademi and Gujarati Sahitya Parishad, Ahmedabad and University Granth Nirman Board, Ahmedabad.

Our duty is to maintain our strengths, aspirations and to advance the university’s goals and its position as one of the Gujarat’s leading institution of knowledge. I am committed towards securing our reputation and working hard to ensure that my department’s students get an excellent and integral education. I feel passionate about Gujarati department a place for exceptional students who want to learn, discover, think and perform.

Today the historical evolution of humanities is big challenge in our age. Teaching and learning to multidiscipline is become challengeable today. We have to develop the centrality of the humanities to the quest for knowledge and societal advancement. So focus on the future plans of our department is to encourage and facilitate multidisciplinary research work. We will accomplish this goal by our love for literature, for our dedication towards the department and to pay respect to the university.

  • Vision :

To extend creative,  and in literary terms the consciousness of life and cultural values in a regional context to that of widerly  national and  global level with knowledgeble, leading to mutual enrichment and fulfillment.

  • Mission

To transform students into rational human beings as well as responsible citizens who are capable of critical thinking, analytical skills and develop a discursive bent of mind through language and literature.

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